Camarones y Grits, or Whatever

I’ve been making quick shrimp and grits this past week, trying to get my Southern on.  It’s been my mushy, tasty go-to, but when making dinner for a friend the other night I was trying to think of a way to change it up.  Make it less mushy-good and more fancy-good.  Grits are hominy, ground corn treated with an acid.  Hominy is in pozole and it’s a courser version of masa harina.  In the mediterranean, “hominy” is polenta.  Ground corn makes an appearance in a lot of good food traditions.  I guess that’s where I got to thinking about this little freestyle.



1/4 cup (per person)-  dry grits (I used the quick, cheap stuff)


1 cup water

black pepper

dried oregano

Throw everything in a pot and bring to a boil.  Stir a lot and keep adding water until it becomes a nice goop.  Stirring keeps it an even goopy-ness, it should be about lava consistence (weird analogy I know, but its all I can think of).  Oil a plate per serving and sprinkle the plate with pepper, salt and cajun seasoning. Smear a golf ball worth of grits onto each plate, and work into a disc shape.  Oil the top and sprinkle the same seasonings on that bitch.  Throw in the refrigerator.  Pre-heat oven to 480-500.



– 6 shrimp per person (I used cooked frozen jumbo, thawed first)
– sliced red onion
– garlic
– black beans
– hand full fresh basil
– hand full fresh cilantro
– pepper, salt, cajun seasoning
– couple limes
First put the grit-cakes into the oven on an oiled sheet pan and start toasting.
Saute onions in olive oil.  When onions are sweated add shrimp, and a dose of seasoning.  Keep stir frying the shrimps until they show a bit of color.  Add about 1/4 can black beans.  Hit with seasoning.  Lower heat and throw in garlic.  As soon as you start to smell the garlic throw in half the basil and cilantro.  Keep stirring, kill heat, and get any burnt goodness in the mix (deglaze with a dash of water if need be).  In a perfect scenario, you grit-cakes are nice and golden right about now.
Plate the grit-cake.  Squeeze half lime on dem.  Add a spoonful of black beans.  Pile on shrimp.  Shazam that shit with the rest of the basil and cilantro.  Sprinkle with pepper and salt.  Mmmm.  Shrimp and grits.  Arepa de camarones.  Gambero e polenta.  I don’t know, what ever it’s called it hit the spot.

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