Notes From the Road 07.30

It sucked dick to leave NYC. That’s my fam and have had my peeps with me on location for the better part of the last 3 years. I know a bunch of folks that I’ll be working with in Atlanta, but this feels like my first solo mission in a long time. At least Irie is with me. That said, this feels alright. I’m stoked to be in the South. Drifting southbound on the interstate tradewinds with the Shenandoahs and distended moon holding me down to my port and heat lightning/setting sun on my starboard was pretty damn pleasant. It’s a short drive (relatively), and by supper tomorrow I’ll be in my new “home” in ATL, but this trip reminds me of the important fact that the world is small. NYC>ATL in 14 hours. I’ve had shifts of work longer, but it’s enough to get me from one world to another. The North to The South. Looking forward to exploring Georgia.





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