Impromptu BBQ at Wooster

Marinating and making dapping sauces all day.  My apartment is hot as fuck, and the shop became an option.  We BBQing bitch.

Worked on an idea I had today, which I call “Squid Sticks”.


(***I used 3 squids, but think it would be better with more squid to masa ratio)
3 squids
good inch ginger
shaved white onion (or scallion)
2 part mirin
1 part soy sauce
1.5 part ponzun sauce
a dozen crushed red peppers
salt, pepper, OLD BAY
marinate for as long as possible (I did about 4 hours)
Grill dem squids for 4 minutes a side, chop it up and throw in a bag with two mugs dry masa harina. Add water til good dough. Mush it up and make bitchin fingers of cornmeal and squid. Think conch fritters, but waaaaay better.

Put them on a flaming hot grill, and get them toasty.

I served with a spicy marinara dipping sauce and ponzu/mirin concoction. Also dashed Tabasco over them before rubbing in EVOO and toasting. Fuck it. We also had pork tacos (recipe link below). Boom.


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