Squid: The Other White Meat. Ika Shirataki Recipe

Today’s japanese lesson:

ika = squid

shirataki = tofu noodles

Ever since being back in NYC, I’ve had cravings for squid at pregnant lady levels.  My favorite is Ika Maruyaki (“yaki” means grilled over flame, impress your friends).  Its an appetizer at a lot of sushi places.  Whole squid broiled and sliced up in a sweet sauce. I was going to make that, but got all motivated and shit so I made a meal out of it.


First marinade the squid for a while, I got three of the suckers, which in hind sight was at least one too many for one person.  I think I left them in the fridge 2 hours (3 big Sapporos worth).


-Chunk of ginger

-2 scallions

-handful of cilantro

-2 shot glasses of mirin

-1.5 shot glasses of ponzu

-1 shot glass of soy sauce

-dash chili oil

-dash white pepper

-black pepper


Shirataki stir fry:

-1 pack shirataki

-handful shitaki mushroom

-handful bok choy greens

-handful cherry tomatoes (halved)

-capers (cause they’re the bomb)

-marinade from squid

Put a pot of water on the boil (for squids later).  Chop everything up and rinse shirataki for a while.

Next, bring the oven to 350.  Flash boil the squid for like 10 seconds, pat dry and throw them in the oven with some marinade juice.  Cook 5 minutes, take out and drizzle some more marinade, and cook about 5 more minutes.  Meanwhile, Saute all the other ingredients in chili oil.  I added some fresh diced ginger and the marinade as needed to steam mushrooms and greens.



Once the squid is done, slice it into “O”s and throw into the stir fry.  Stir it all together and pour over the rinsed noodles.  Throw on some capers, fresh cilantro and scallion, and BLAMMO!  Sesame seeds on top would’ve good, but I only had some ichimi togarashi which gave it a delectable, nose running kick.




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