Caribbean Hot Pepper Sauce from Tortola

Was in Tortola for a couple nights and every restaurant seemed to have this condiment looming.  Most cultures (especially hot places) have some version of this.  Xni Pec, horseradish, pickles; all a zesty ways to preserve and intensify flavors.  Acid + spice + flavor = good.  The Tortola example was like an italian grandma’s infused olive oil from habanero hell.  A shit ton of habaneros and vinegar are the base of the recipe.  My entire left hand and most mucus membranes are on fire right now so, in hindsight, I’d recommend gloves.  Maybe I’m a pussy.


At least 10 scotch bonnets

A hand-full of red habaneros

A layer of cherry tomatos

1 half of a small onion (small strips)

3 stalks of green celery (small enough to fit in the bottle)

4 cloves garlic

A bunch of oregano


Half all the peppers/tomatos and shove into a glass bottle (I had an old spiced rum bottle).  Slice onion and shove them in next. Slice celery and smash some garlic.  I put maybe half a tablespoon of mexican oregano on top then poured on 16 FL OZ of white wine vinegar.  Screw on the lid, slap on cheesy patch and give it a few days.  After a week its a fantastic.  And it only gets better with time I assume.


tortola was sick, hopefully more later…


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