The Remedy

I’m sick as hell and was craving something to eat that would warm me up and make the snot flow like the Hudson.  I just moved into my new place in NYC and this would be my first foray in my oddly laid out kitchen.  I used shirataki noodles cause thats what I had in the fridge, but would be dope with cooked soba or flat rice noodles.


The Remedy

-garlic/onion (cold killers)

-thai chili paste (nose runner)

-tofu (always good)

-broccoli (vitamin C)

-tomato (red…)


-soy sauce

-miso packet

-vegan (or real) chicken boulion


-sautee chopped garlic and onion

-crumble in tofu (big chunks)

-sautee ’til tofu is browned, meanwhile rinse shirataki in a collander

-drizzle on a bunch of chili paste and stir

-lower heat  little, add chopped broccolli (add a little soy sauce to deglaze the pan)

-after a couple minutes add chopped tomatos

-after the broccoli starts to look a deeper green, incorporate the rinsed shirataki

-add a little more soy sauce, lower heat and allow the broccoli to steam

-quickly boil 1 cup water with bouillon, sprinkle packet of instant miso soup over the pan, and pour boiling stock into pan

-stir, kill heat, transfer to bowls

-garnish with xni pec (habanero, white onion pickled in lime juice) and ichimi togarashi (japanese spicy condiment)


Serve with grandma’s remedy, a whiskey neat.  Sweat, slurp and sniffle.


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