Tacos de las Águilas

Landed in NYC late last night, crashed in Brooklyn and had a fantastic 230 Frost welcome back.  It was Sunday, it was glorious out, and food needed to be cooked.  I brought my unused smoker from LA and we dove head first into the scrumptious art of smoking shit.  You’re gonna wish you had smell-o-vision for this one.  Or  you can get the same effect if you see me , Adam or Nate in the next week because I think we’ll reek of pork and campfire for at least that long.

I’m sorry, but with a smoker in your arsenal, your only bet is meat.  I prefer to be veggie and usually claim “pescatarian” immunity when pressed, but if I was really going to reprazent, smoked broccoli or salmon wouldn’t cut it.  There are few better tastes than smoked meat, and we decided to start with pork shoulder. I may now need a triple bypass and my Greenpeace membership is being revoked, but goddaaaaaamn.  That shit was good.


Tacos de Puerco de las Águilas

5 lbs Pork shoulder

-Adobo sauce from can of chipotles in adobo (do whatever with the chipotles)
-black pepper
-sea salt
-chili powder

Rub the shit out of it and let sit for a couple hours

In a smoker, smoke for 1.5 with mesquite chips, and another 2-4 hours in cedar chips.

Salsa Xni Pec Variation
-1/2 white onion
-1 jalepeño
-cover with a million fresh squeezed limes

Ranchero Beans
-jalepeño (deseeded)
-diced garlic clove
-couple scallions

Saute in olive oil

-Add 2 cans pinto beans
-over 4 or 5 hours add a quart veggie stock
-oregano/red chili flakes to look


Slice or shred pork, warm tortillas, and cover pork with slaw (cabbage, carrot, scallion, lie/salt/pepper). Garnish with sesame seeds.


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