The Fishery, San Diego

Its weird to be here in La Jolla and working.  Really weird.  This is usually where I come between shows.  Usually its been a long run of hard work, lots of long nights(on and off the clock), and completely drained of energy.  And usually it’s just for a fleeting couple days to enjoy sunset in the Pacific, Mom’s cooking, the beautiful coast line and some tranquility.  Just enough time to be re-centered before I’m shipped out to the field, whipped back up into a reality tv production twister.


This time the paradise, “my” paradise,  is the location.  I hesitate to use the world “tainted”, but changed(for now) nonetheless.  Usually my days here in La Jolla are a much needed rest.  My day consisting of running, getting coffee and eating something delicious that I would’ve cooked, but even better because Mom cooked it.  On my days off, so far its pretty much the same.  But during my work week worlds are colliding.  I do get that run, enjoy the sun and ocean, eat some good food(leftovers), but then I bike down the street and I’m back in my production bubble.  Every waking hour all my mental energy devoted to things like “story”, “kajeets”, “follows”, words most people don’t even know what they mean in my context.  To me living a happy life is the most important thing on earth, but at the same time I love my job and invest myself completely in it.  Its very schizophrenic to wake up in the place that defines escape, life, recharging and a bike ride away is my other lust, Work.


Anyway, this on my mind, I made an effort to break out of my usual La Jolla orbit this “weekend”, and treat this place like I would any other town I ended up in.  I had been recommended by crew mates that The Fishery in PB was the shit, and it was my first target.  I’ve been on a steady(and scrumptious) diet of seafood and fish tacos since I pulled off the 5, and was told The Fishery has the best.  Apparently The Fishery has been a whole fish market for 30 years plus and in 1997 they opened up a restaurant in the warehouse to showcase their yeild.  The bartender told me at this point they supply over 160 of the SD area restaurants’ seafood.  They also have a fish market in house, so anyone can pick up today’s catch for their BBQ(in my mind there is only one fish market in SD and my heart still sides with Pescador’s in La Jolla).


I was there for one thing and one things only; fish tacos, but the menu looks amazing!  “Bacon” wrapped Scallops(the “bacon” is house smoked salmon!!), Crab Fettucini(packed with crab meat), Ahi Poke salad with Asian Greens.  Not to mention sushi/sashimi and raw oysters galore.  Even the bread and beer selection is local and incredible.  I’d venture to say 90% of the ingredients in anything you choose to eat or drink come from a 20 mile radius.  We started with the ceviche, and to be honest it wasn’t the best I’ve had(tasted a little old), but being 20 miles from Mexico, I’m confident I’ll scratch that itch on a regular basis.  The tacos lived up to the hype(my favorite so far, with Rimels is a distant second) and the crab fettucini was awesome, fecund with crab.  I also loved the 1950’s era photos of fishermen that decorate the place.



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