Road Trip Day 5_Livingston, MT to Portland, OR

Miles-  785.1

Not much to report.  Today, was a bear but didn’t even notice how many miles I’d gone until I realized that I was almost in Portland.  I was in the zone I guess.  I’m f-ing sore though.  Maybe it’s age, maybe its the length of this trip and todays run, but shit! my gas pedal has me practically limping.  I feel like I’ve been doing triathlons for the past 12 hours.  Tomorrow I’m going to take the day off, enjoy Portland and hopefully stay out of the car as much as possible.  No fun stories, deep insights or new food.  I gave away two bowls of bison chili to the nice ladies at Super 8 Livingston and ate one myself,  leaving one that I’m transporting on ice like a heart transplant for my dad.

Two things to note I guess.  First, Washington state, and Oregon for that matter, are nothing like I was expecting.  All through western Montana and for the brief stint in Idaho, I was weaving through rainy, pine covered mountains.  I kept thinking, “damn this is ruining the surprise of what its going to be like to be in the Pacific Northwest”.  I guess I figured when I crossed into Washington it would just get rainier and pine-ier.  Didn’t happen that way.  Minutes after crossing the Idaho/Wash. state line the rain stopped.  15 and 20 miles after Spokane the trees disappeared and flat, windy plain took it’s place.  It looked more like Nebraska than what I had in my head from movies like The Goonies.  Oregon wasn’t much different.  Where the hell does Bigfoot hide out here?

Second, I would like to add Rt. 84 to my top drives in the world.  I entered Oregon around Umatilla and hoped on the 84 West.  It is a stunning drive along the Colombia River.  Shear cliffs tower above your left as you wind with the river on your right.  It swells and thins due to the many damns, and is especially nice at sunset.  Little mountain towns and viewpoints break up the well paved interstate.  Apparently it was the end of the original Oregon Trail(thank you Wikipedia!), so that just makes it even cooler.

Other photos I like from today.


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