Road Trip Day 1_LES to Howe, IN


Here we go again.  Westbound and down.  Nothing better than driving cross country east to west, especially this time of year.  You gain time zones, the mile markers count down(instead of up west-east) to tell you how many more you have in each state, the days are eerily long.  I love the smell of humid Pennsyltucky in the summer.  Windows down, shoes off, music blasting.  Every 10 minutes another 15 miles fall away until next thing you know you’re almost halfway across your country.  New York, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toledo.  Cities click by like exits on the Turnpike.  I love this.  Please do this one day.  Today’s stretch is my least favorite(but always surprisingly striking) part, but already, again, I’m feeling the stoke.

Had to go a little later than I expected to to due to Memorial Day traffic blockades out of Manhattan and a massive power outage in Indiana, but had plenty of energy and a spectacular lightning show all night to keep me going.  Ended up here in Howe and due to my late arrival scooped the “luxury” suite at the Super 8.  Big ass bed, whirlpool jacuzzi, sofa!  By far goes down in history as the best shitty motel room I’ve ever spent 7 hours in.  I probably could’ve made it to Minneapolis, but figure I should get sleep so tomorrow won’t suck.  Mañana I’m on a mission to find the elusive Schneck in her natural Minnesota habitat.  After the unexpected extension on todays driving, should be an easy 10 hour day.


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