Leaving NYC (again)

Having my “last meal” at Lil Frankies, reminiscing on my latest stay in the City.  Its been a pretty lackluster stint this time around.  Maybe it was my neighborhood.  Although I had a great group of friends to meet up with elsewhere, living in the LES I felt a little overwhelmed.  The opposite of cozy.  I never found “my” coffee shop, favorite neighborhood bar, best grocery store.  Never met any neighbors.  The Wooster Street Social Club felt more like home than anywhere else.  And every time I went back to Brooklyn, I immediately had a sense of “rightness”.  I guess I survived an NYC winter(admittedly missed the brunt of it), but the dreary early months got me started on a bad note.  The stupid fractured wrist didn’t help anything.  All in all haven’t felt like myself, and couldn’t shake it.

For whatever the reason, this latest chapter hasn’t been my best work and I’m stoked to start a new one.  Of course this past week has been awesome and a fantastic dose of NYC summer.  Sitting by the window of my latest favorite restaurant, watching the sweaty city hustle and bustle about.  Its sensory nirvana.  Makes me rue the timing for this departure, but I know when I’m on the open road in the middle of nowhere, driving into a western summer sunset, it’ll all be right.  Having my feet in the sand next weekend won’t hurt either.




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