Consuela’s Sopa de Torta

Woke up feeling a little cold coming on. The weather in New York has been schizophrenic and I either have some allergies going on or getting sick. I was working from home and had a bunch of stuff in the fridge left over, so I cooked up this delicious comfort food to cure what ails me. When I was in Medellin my adopted Colombian Aunt, Consuela, cooked me a never ending slew of absolutely delicious Colombian and Paisa meals. My birthday dinner alone had fish, bean soup, chicharron, salad with ham, rice, patacones, bread, guacamole, and salsa criolla.

One of the things she cooked me was this Sopa de Torta. Its a soul warming bowl of steaming broth with chunks of plantains and yucca topped with fluffy eggs and cilantro. In my head its the equivalent to Colombian chicken noodle soup. I’ve been wanting to make it every since, and craving some cozy, sick-kid-food, today was the day. I guess i should mention that the recipe was “DuFord-ized”, and everything besides the egg is vegan which definitely isn’t the case for the authentic version. To totally veganize it some silken tofu(raw or flash fried) would be good. For the real deal use homemade chicken stock.


10 pints H20

4 bullion cubes(I used a vegan chicken flavored brand)

bunch of carrots(whole)

head of celery(whole stalks)

handful of mushrooms(not in the original but had them in the fridge)

bunch of cilantro(whole)

few heads of garlic(whole)

bunch of green onion(again, just had it lying around, and worked for the onion flavor)

-bring to boil and them simmer for at least an hour. I just worked for a while as it simmered away(probably 4 hours).

I remember the great smell coming out of the kitchen all day when Consuela was making it.


-remove all the veggies and set aside

-cut 1 yucca root and 1 plantain into chunks and boil in the stock for an hour.

-dice up veggies from the stock and add back to soup. save a some cilantro for garnish

-whip up a couple eggs, channel your college days and cook your best omelette.

-ladle soup into a bowl, cut egg into squares

-top soup with egg and garnish with cilantro. I added red pepper flakes for extra nose clearing spice and color.

Mmmm, sniffle, slurp, mmmm.


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