Bogota Bombay Bangkok

Was having trouble deciding what to have for dinner so I ended up mashing up recipes from all over the place into a perfectly satisfying dish.  Colombia and her food are still echoing around my head and I’ve been enjoying using the sturdy staples of Colombian cuisine as a foundation for light, fresh asian flavors.  The empanadas where just a Whole Foods impulse buy fiesta, but I knew I wanted baked, corn empanadas.  Pakoras are these delicious things I got during a delivery indian binge a while ago.  They are usually fried dough with a chunk of banana inside.  I made a version with arepa dough and baked it.  The slaw was a crunchy, refreshing backdrop to the soft, cornmealy empanadas and “pakoras”.


Bogota_Baked, Colombian style Empanadas with Vegan Stuffing


3 cups Masa Harina

1.5+ cups water


chopped seitan

1/2 crumbled extra firm tofu

chopped zucchini

1/4 white onion

2 cloves garlic

sundried tomatos

1 hatch chili

fresh cilantro and oregano

salt, pepper, cumin

juice of 1 lime

stuff dough with a pat of earth balance and filling.  bake on greased foil for 45 min, fliping once.  I raised the heat to broil for a few minutes at the end to get extra color.  Topped them with Salsa Xni Pec

Bombay_Arepa de Pakora


2 cups Masa Harina

1+ cup water

Cut a couple bananas into 5ths.  Stuff chunks into arepa dough, roll round, drizzle with olive oil, bake for 45 minutes, rolling every once and a while.  Drizzled with sweet thai chili sauce.

**I think next time I’ll spice up the dough better.  The sweetness of the hot banana could be paired with something savory.  Shichimi Togarashi would be good.  Tasty, but could be dope.**

Bangkok_Asian Slaw

Dressing(do this first and refrigerate)

ponzu, ginger, dried onion, dash seasame oil, water, half of a lime.  soak.

Shred cabbage, carrots and celery, squeeze a couple limes.  Let sit in the fridge.  Serve with gomasio, fresh cilantro, basil.


One thought on “Bogota Bombay Bangkok

  1. mmmmm Yummy arepas! Can’t wait to come over to have dinner with you one of these days eh 😉 Craving Colombiano food hard, definitely going to attempt this, i just bought 2 plantains for memory sake, nothing iron chef like your delicious meal, good ol platano frito 😉
    mucho besos y abrazo

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