Pho Inspired Yaki Shirataki

Had a bunch of left over fresh herbs and seitan, so I wanted to do something southeast asiany again.  Shirataki, if you haven’t messed with it, is a tofu based noodle.  You can get it at every grocery store and most good bodegas.  Most of the time when I cook with it it turns out crappy, but this was pretty good.  I think the key is to stir the noodles with a fork as they pan fry.  They are pretty clumpy so its tough the get all the ingredients intertwined, but with a fork its easier.  Also, this time I took the time to rinse off the shirataki for a good half hour and I think it helped.  They have a strong flavor that is distracting if trying to use them in a light dish, rinsing takes that away.


start rinsing 3 packs shirataki(drain and repeat for a half hour)
saute seitan in a peanut oil over high heat, add pepper

after browned add sliced white onion and red pepper(save a little for later)

when onions are translucent add a sliced clove of garlic, and teaspoon of fresh ginger and chopped jalepenos(save some)

not long after add shirataki and start stirring to incorporate all the ingredients

allow shirataki to release water and pour out extra liquid

add fresh oregano, mushrooms and sliced white cabbage

add some ponzukeep stirring, let cabbage and mushroom soften

add saved red peppers and jalepenos(diced), plus handful each of chopped basil and cilantro, kill heat

serve with more chopped basil and cilantro, squeeze fresh lime and garnish with gomasio


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