Vietnamese Mock Duck on Arepas

Don’t know where this came from, but at some point today I decided I wanted all the colorful, savoriness of southeast asia on the toasty, corny goodness of an arepa.  This what I came up with, and gotta say it was fucking perfect.  Arepas are awesome and easy as hell to make, hope to play with them more soon.


marinate seitan

-2 packs seitan(liquid from one)


-half white onion diced

-jalepeno diced

-fresh oregano

-cover in soy sauce, few pours of ponzu
make arepas-2 cups harina(corn flour) to 2 cups water

-salt, pepper, 2 limes-form into patties

-makes 5 or 6

-refrigerate while hanging out and drinking beers
shred cabbage

-add lime and gomasio

strain and sauté marinated seitan in chili oil

-add sliced garlic(2 heads)

-add chopped cilantro and kill heat

-remove from pan and add sliced basil

toast arepas on hot skillet
plate  2 arepas.  on each: a handful of cabbage, spoon of black beans and top with stirfry

-garnish with dash of ponzu, gomaiso, sprig of cilantro and lime wedges


Spicy, herby seitan.  Cold crispy cabbage.  Sesame seed surprises.  Toasted corniness.  Salt.  Good.


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