Tofu Ciopinno

Tofu Cioppino_

i’m cold and wet after the walk home from work. knew i had a block of tofu and as i walked, and the closest “grocery store” was my corner bodega. “what could i cook for cheap to warm my damp bones”. my dream meal would’ve been a gallon of cioppino from el pescador in la jolla, so i activated my taste bud memory and channeled a so-cal version of a nor-cal favorite……with tofu.

tuned out perfect. light, warming, spicy, good stuff. would’ve been better with seafood stock.


hot skillet with olive oil
add chopped yellow peppers
add slices of yellow squash and tofu chunks
blacken some more
add sliced jalepenos
stir at times
after charred
add sliced garlic and spinach
add sliced basil
add can diced tomatoes and shit tons of dried oregano
simmer for a beer or two, or until you’re hungry

pour over fresh spinach, brown rice, or whatever and enjoy.



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