Last Colombia Journal Entry

02/09  Bogota, Last Night

Leaving Barranca was tough.  I am a traveler, lucky and happy my travels brought me the opportunity to go there.  The people I now know from the “District” are cool and kind.  After my 5 days days I feel an obligation to return.  I said I’d come back when I can and I’ve said that before, but my only hope is that I can man up, put my desires at the time aside, and come spend more time with those kids when work allows.  I know they won’t forget I said I’d come back in December or January, and I’ll let them down if I don’t live up to my word.  I hope when November comes around I’ll have the decency to skip another trip to somewhere and come back to hang out.  I honestly don’t feel like I did much, being an “example” was the hardest part, but I really really enjoyed shooting the shit with the folks in Arenal, and I hope they did too.  Loved my experience there and I’d like to maintain a connection with Barrio Arenal.  See the kids grow up, watch the garden flourish and see the new cat grow old and fat on rat meat.


Here I am again in cold, rainy Bogota.  Sick, tired as hell.  But not ready to leave Colombia.  Since its inevitable, just want to get it over with.  No “crazy last night”, no poignant bookend.  Going out with a sniffle and a cough instead of a rager.  Don’t really mind.  Ready to re-adapt to my USA reality, I guess.  Feel like I am taking more back from this trip than any other.  My “Motorcycle Diaries” to an extent.  At the least a reminder of the beauty of life, people, the world.  I’ve always held that I’m not allowed to return to a country twice until I’ve visited them all, but I feel like I’ll be back here soon. Soon-ish. I’ve been know to make these statements before and I realize that.  So I write this cautiously, merely to note the emotions….


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