Journal Entry From Colombia 2

1/14. Day 3 of 5. Cuidad Perdida Trek

Today was the best hiking of all. We rose early and left camp as the sun was peeking over the mountains. The trail was steep at first, but worth the pain as we rose through the jungle. Scenery and flora always changing. We passed a few Kogi(indigenous people) and their huts as we walked. Their resentment of our presence was evident when some kids(I’m assuming) threw a few rocks at us from the bush, one hitting me in the chin. They were happy to accept candy for a photo op, but to me their seemingly blank stares were not happy about a bunch of gringos trampling through their land.

The last part of the walk to our last cabaña was my favorite. Scrambling across boulders and cliffs, the river raging 100s of feet below.

After lunch we climbed the 1,200 awkward steps through the large, ancient metropolis. Each level of terraces still had the foundations of homes, as we went higher the higher the caste in Tayrona society. The top plateau’d off with the mountainous jungle spread out all around us. There was an encampment of Colombian soldiers at the top. Protecting ruins and tourists from fairly recent FARC and paramilitary activity. They were young, bored and hilarious. They were stoked to have us there, asked a bunch of questions about our lives, shared some details about there’s and politely accepted pens, smokes and whatever else we had to offer. The photos with the patrol are priceless.

As a bit of icing on the cake, Marty reached a milestone we were all lucky to be a part of. He is taking photos of himself shaking hands with different people he meets all over the world. His 100th photo was all of us sprinkled across the terraces shaking hands with him in the foreground.

Another great dinner, great conversation, a hammock outdoors for a bed. Fantastic trip.


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