Stumbled Upons

This will be a work in progress, but wanted to share some of the coolest things and places I’ve blindly chanced upon. If you’re ever in the neighborhood you should check them out. Let me know if they’re still there.


I totally forget the name of this place in Ushuaia, Argentina, it might be Tante Nina but I’m not sure(alas details are in a journal I lost).

It’s right on the bay side corner of San Martin and (I think) Pedro Godoy. Ended up eating there every night. Fresh cazuelas of all sorts of southern ocean seafood. Crab, squid, urchin, anything delicious you can think of between South America and Antarctica will be heated up to warm your bones. I’ll try to get more details.


Carnival de las Enfants, Rouen, France. End of March.

Walked around a corner and went from a quaint visit to Joan of Arc’s resting place to a Tim Burton or Jean-Pierre Jeunet film. Whimsical showing of the beauty of travel.



Veggie Restaurant near Khaosan Road, Bangkok.

Also don’t know the name of this one, but I can tell you how to get there if you’re on Khaosan Rd. Quick lunch before work, outdoor shack, incredible(and hot!!!) tofu curries.


Melbourne Street Art

Started off Flinders Lane, but in all a great city for street art.


Cocina Familiar Yannia, Erendira, Baja California

Ok, maybe it’s cause it’s the first time I got to walk into an eating establishment that was also someone’s house, but on my first trip to Erendira Mangus and I ended up at the only “restaurant” in town at the time. It was more like visiting my Mexican abuela and she made me my favorite dishes.


Les 5 Saveurs d’Anada, Paris

I have a map from the subway stop to this oasis in an old journal. I was trying to find a student bar zone in Paris, but stumbled across this macrobiotic heaven. I’ll have to dig out the journal for more details, but my entree included tofu, quinoa, seaweed, AND GREAT WINE! In Paris, 2006! I was stoked. Hope it’s still there.


Real Santos de Mariscos, Cancun MX

The winner. My favorite. Food is great and unique, but haute by no means. I just love the fact that in the middle of luxurious malls and tourist traps, there’s a little place with a sense of humor, outdoor seating and mariscos. My haven when living in the Zona Hotelera. My favorite part is the condiment platter.



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