Do it Live

The origination of the tattoo in my memory goes a little something like this.

Ruecker would play the viral freak out by Bill O’Reilly over the walkie every so often to crack up Ninja, Seth, Kim and I.  Eventually, no matter what hurdle we faced, the phrase became a mantra for us.  Unforeseen?  Absurd?  Basically impossible?  “Fuck it.  We’ll do it live.”.  One of the galvanizing things of the season.  We were a crew and we did it live.

After I thought about it more, it became a tag line for the past 6 years in my life.  Very much so in on a professional level.  Reality TV is a fantastic headache because of the surprises and chances to think on your feet.  In 2004 I was engaged and living an increasingly comfortable life in Philadelphia.  Scrambling for film jobs in Philly, I stumbled onto a dreaded reality show called Real World.  6 months and my first season of RWs later, I was selling everything I owned, uprooting my fiancee and driving to Austin to do the next one.  I remember how anxious and concerned with every decision I was.  I was, and still am hooked to the show, but the beginning of gypsy life was terrifying.

Eventually it became clear that if you live on your instincts when amazing opportunities present themselves you can live a free, unique life.  “Do it Live” was a “Follow your dreams, it always works out” bumper sticker in my mind.  In a humorous, youtube kind of way.  By the time I decided I wanted to tattoo it to me, I had fully raised it to “Yes we can!” or “Be all you can be.” status.  Seth came up with the americana font, and I was ready.

Although it seems the rite of “Do it Live” tattoo-age seems to have taken on a requirement for drunkenness, we were not drunk….  Ok….we had been drinking….and continued to drink with the tattoo artists while they tattooed us.  But I swear it was preconceived.  We had been talking about it as a crew a lot, and at least in my mind we would’ve done it first thing in the morning if we had been awake….after the previous night of drinking….

At the end of a long (albeit incredible) year, looking back at photos and memories.  No homo.  Props to all the do it livers.  Keep on doing it.  Its awesome.  When someone, or something fucks up your plans for the day, there’s nothing better then saying to yourself, “I can’t do it….<wait, think about it.  decide>….We’ll do it live<stand up, loosen tie>.  WE’LL DO IT LIVE. FUCK IT!  DO IT LIVE.<breathe>  I’ll write it and we’ll do it live!  Fucking thING SUCKS!”

thanks again for watching, and we’ll leave you with STING! and a cut off his new album.  Take it away.


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