Worlds Colliding, Lentils vs. Hominy Recipe


baby ‘bellas

1 big scallion

red chile pepper

1 or 2 garlic cloves

steamed lentils(bought at trader joes)

can of hominy


veggie stock

shake-bon caca





add a dash of olive oil to the rice cooker.  saute mushrooms, then pepper, then white part of scallion.

when it all starts to smell good and soften, add garlic, stir, lentils, stir, hominy, and half cilantro.  stir, then add spices and veggie stock.  after 5 minutes its done, but i watched some tv and added veggie stock periodically.  basically, when i was tired, it was done.  the longer it simmers, the earthier, and rich the taste.  i think i let mine go for an episode of south park or two, and it turned out really light and tasty.  i always allow an extra beer worth for the meal to cool in tupperware.  heated up plastic in my food and the fact that it raises the temp in the fridge are two reasons why i let my shit cool with the lid off before i throw it in the mini fridge.

ended up at a stew or chilli consistency when i took it off the heat.

add the other half of cilantro and green part of scallion while cooling.  stir.


best taste was when it was fresh, but ate it cold this morning for breakfast.  made things like this before that have been heavy with muddled flavor for leftovers, but the salty, tortilla goodness of the hominy, totally balanced the earthy flavors of the lentils, cumin and chipotle.  perfect with habanero salsa piquante.  definetly plan to mess with the hominy/lentil combo more in a real kitchen.


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