Notes from a good Night in Vegas

Had a good “weekend” the past Wednesday and Thursday.  Hopefully I won’t be too lazy and edit this, but here are some quick notes, first impressions I wrote at the time..


Started close to home.  Annoying, loud bar 20 feet from my hotel room.  Bavarian hits blaring outside all day.  Its my alarm clock.  Never been.  Hoffbrauhaus.  My room is a couple parking spots away from this monstrocity.


Mexican Bavarian dressed hostesses
Band- Die Saitenspringer.  Liderhousen. Songs in a row; Sweet Caroline, Star-Spangled Banner, Bavarian tune
“Raise your stein!  Ziggy zaza, ziggy zaza, oi, oi  oi!”
Yager shots=Spanking. Loud applause from drunk people that appear to be his co workers.  Probably on a convention.
Music much better with ambiance and beer.
HB Holiday Beer- light, slightly sweet version of the original lager, only stronger 6.something %.

Leaving buzzed enjoying

Lotus of Siam
Supposedly best thai in world(best in north america by most accounts, and some even say better than in thailand which sounds crazy).
Impossible to find.  hidden in a strip mall labyrinth.


tod mun plar(fried fish cake)good, really good!

nam prik hed(described as ‘shroom dip popular near the northern border)cold, citrus, salt, good heat. killer.  served with steamed veggies.

Tofu with mint and chili.  Perfect

Everything spicy.  Honestly the best thai I’ve ever had.  I was a sceptic.

Authentic, but not to much.


Another “Secret” island of goodness.  Cigar bar bar covered in art reproductions.

Then tattoos were in order.


Champagne breakfast over obscure foreign films.


Thursday night dinner; Firefly.  Hate tapas, but bigger plates and delicious.

Sangria.  Ceviche.  Ahi Tuna Skewers.

Ended at the Paradise Cantina.





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