Cooking Experiments in a Hotel room

I think I could have an interesting cookbook by the end of my time in Vegas.  “How to Eat Well Under Harsh Conditions” . I’m living in a Hyatt.  My room is spacious, but the “kitchen area” consists of a sink and mini fridge.  I knew from the get that getting my cook on would be tough.  I’m too cheap and “foodie” to buy a bunch of new fangled electric powered cooking devices(read: Foreman Grill), and I love old school, abuela style cooking techniques, so the only heat making device I have here is a rice cooker.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been messing around with the thing.  Tonight at CVS I got ballsy.  I bought whatever canned thing I found that I felt I could throw into a rice cooker with rice and make a bomb meal…while sitting on the couch in my room and hopefully not setting off the fire alarm.  Being a gypsy, the spices in this “recipe” are all things I collected along the way and brought with me(as opposed to things like warm clothes and a drivers license). But everything else, basically the main ingredients, I bought at the 24 hour CVS across the street.

Hotel Room Rice:

2 cups brown rice
1 can black beans
1 can progresso tomato soup with basil
1 can ro*tel diced tomatoes & green chilies
Bunch of dried chipotle

Few dashes Bon Caca

Some water

I put everything in the rice cooker, hit “cook”….. then ordered contacts online, did some things, watched 4 episodes of Community, and looked at Run DMC Halloween costumes with Nate. The rice cooker would switch off every once and a while but I’d add some water and put it back to “cook”.

When the rice was done I let it sit on “warm” for one more episode of Community and dumped it into a Tupperware.  It tasted great!  Great as shit.  I think if I ever have a restaurant I’ll describe it as haute dorm room cuisine.  Basically its a smushy, vegan “risotto” with spicy/smokey/black bean goodness.  I’ll eat it in the EDR for at least a week.  If you don’t know what an EDR is consider yourself blessed.



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