Vegas. Second Impressions.

Vegas. First and foremost, a great place to visit, 4 days at most.  But hell on earth to live in…so far.  I’m determined to figure out what normal people do here, but I honestly don’t have much to report.  To be fair, I haven’t put forth much effort being that free admission and a table/bottle service is hard for me to turn down, but I’m kind of bummed out to here right now.  To me its like, for a town so centered around partying and lavish-ness, where do the people that make minimum wage dealing blackjack or working the front desk come from…and go to.  What makes someone come here, and what makes someone born and raised stay.  No offense, I just don’t get it.  Yet.


So far, the thing I look forward to most is the early morning, after hours. When Nate and I drink a bottle of cheap CVS champagne, watch Sportscenter, and after he peaces, I putz around until 7, 8 AM.  Reading, watching No Reservations, writing.  Woo hoo!  Big Vegas fun.

I’ve seen a lot of sunrises in the past couple weeks.


Still, 3 weeks in, Yokohama Kaigenro is, by far, by far(!!) my favorite restaurant in Vegas, but Wiggy and I went to American Fish for dinner the other night and goddamn that shit was tasty.  Cost a bundle(none of the pictures I took of the food did it justice), but the food was awesome.  We were on a quest for seafood and I wanted to avoid the Mccormick and Schmicks/Seafood Shanty’s of the world, so we decided “fuck it, lets do a strip place from Michael Mina”.  Never heard of Michael Mina, but he has a joint in Downtown, and a bunch on the strip so I figured it would be chic “modern food” at the worst.


I’m kind of over “fancy(read: expensive)”, “fusion”, “lounge” restaurants, and this place had all those adjectives, buts the fish selection and options sounded really good.  Not to mention the cocktail menu was the size of a Gideon’s Bible.  I ended up getting the monkfish cheek appetizer and the wood grilled and smoked mixed seafood plate….and an extensive sampling of the cocktails…

The food here was fucking awesome(like i said before no good pics).  Everything from the bread to the beverages were meticulously sought after and utilized.

So what I’ve seen, from the baller to the basic has been pretty OK in Vegas, but I feel like there’s a disconnect from the local life to balling every night.  Work in progress.


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