Las Vegas. First Impressions

I drove past Vegas on my way to San Diego a week ago.  Burning from NYC to see my folks.  Thats when the thought first occured to me…Vegas was just the epetomy of a truck stop in the USA.  The perfect extension of the idea of relief from the highway.  I had driven from New York City to Nevada and the politics of every county is apparent at each exit with services.  Some have “Libito Pills” over the urinal, some have peep shows, some have fireworks, and some don’t even sell booze in gas stations.  The dreaded “dry” county.

But Nevada is diferent, and it is apparent 2 miles from the border.  Thats when you see the crappy casinos in the middle of nowhere rise out of the desert.  I’m pretty sure you can bust a 120 degree turn as soon as you hit Nevada’s state line and be at a casino/whorehouse/chapel.  I want to do some research on this, but my new theory is that Vegas was just a favored rest stop, in the still wild west, that was chosen by men with money to make their haven from scrutiny.  And now look at Her.  She sure is beautiful.  A Quatar in Mojave desert.

*           *           *

Everyone comes here.  I’d heard before that the best sushi outside of Japan was in Vegas.  Even though she is landlocked as hell, the influx of Asian tourists keeps the fresh fish from as far as 14 hours away steadily transported.  Haven’t had the sushi yet, but by far my favorite thing about Vegas a week into this experience is the Yokohama Kaigenro restaurant on Paradise Ave.  Jesus.  This place is as Japan-metro-food-joint as I’ve seen outside of Japan.  It has it all!  Music you wouldn’t expect, gracious staff, goddamn good food.  I’ve been in Vegas for 4 nights and ate there 2 out of 4.  Just saying.

As “classy” as Vegas is compared to nearby locals such as Primm or Sloan, I can’t lie, I’m excited to find the minutia of this place where “anything goes”.  I’ve been to other places in the world with “the greatest parties”, but its been exciting to see the place folks from the US of A go to party.  And compare/contrast.


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