Music to Drive Across the United States

here are some tune-skies for driving.  i’d love to post all the songs for people to listen to or download, if anyone has an idea how to do that hook me up.  if not, itunes download these songs and go for a ride.  about 1 song for every 150 miles.  thank you eric for schooling me in old timey americana music.

New York City is Killing Me- Ray Lamontagne(leaving NYC)

Califonia Blues-  The Weary Boys(you have to listen to some blue grass while going over the Appalachia’s)

Til Kingdom Come- Coldplay(old school stand by for lost love)

Sunday Morning Coming Down- Jonny Cash(never heard this song before but love it!)

Willin’-  Little Feat does a version, but the old timey version is better (new to me, but great song)

Drivin’ on 9-  The Breeders(just a plain old good driving tune)

Wanderlust King-  Gogol Bordello(gogol got me through Iowa, put this one on repeat.  twice)

Joline-  Dolly Parton(Love this tune)

Don’t  Blame Me-  The Everly Brothers(Dedicated to you)

On the Road Again-  Willie Nelson(This song could fit in anywhere on any road trip)

Pick Up the Steam-  Weary Boys(Words to Live by)

Birds Fly Away-  Theresa  Anderson(Entering the Denver Area)

Song for No One-  Miike Snow(Driving into the Rockies)

Star Guitar-  Chemical Brothers(Rockies Summit)

In 4 The Kill Pon De Skream-  Major Lazer(Entering the Utah alien landscape in full moonlight)

All is Full of Love-  Bjork(the perfect song when you’re tired and driving through Utah at night)

Blue Driver-  Vetiver(My new theme song, first song I heard pulling out of Richfield, Utah, morning)

Ooh Las Vegas-  Gram Parsons(Passing Vegas)

There Stands the Glass-  Webb Pierce(Just really like this song and good for the Mojave Desert)

Brown Eyed Handsome Man-  Chuck Berry(Being in Cali)

Sloop Jon B-  Beach Boys(SoCal, home)


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