Portage, Indiana

Leaving New York was suprisingly easy today. I had a perfect last night, exactly what I wanted. Dinner at Motorino’s, relaxed drinks with some friends. The next morning I calmly packed up and simply drove away. None of the usual excitement or anxiety, it was just normal. I dont know if its practice or just acceptance, but it was nice to leave without being a ball of mixed emotions. I dont feel like New York or the people there I care about will be far and the road feels like where I should be right now.

Today’s drive was great. Smooth exit from the City and its sprawl, into the forgotten beauty of western Jersey and PA. Fittingly enough as my summer ends on the solstice, the start of my next chapter began with an early autumn display in the Pocono’s and Pennsylvania “Wilds”. The handsome mountains were peppered with flame and color. The contrast to the concrete metropolis was welcomed.

I forgot the smell of wilderness. The wet leaves of forrest, the cut grass of farmlands. Made me realize how long and absorbed I was with this show.

I crossed into Ohio as the sun was setting. Traveling west is better in most ways, you gain sun light and hours as you go, it gets warmer, in my opinion the landscape gets cooler everyday. But driving straight into a sunset for a retina burning hour really does a number on ones vision. After darkness sets in I stop having fun. I’m tired. I can’t see anything(after driving through Indiana at night, I pretty there is zero population, not a light to be seen). It becomes a mental game of settting goals and pushing through. “ok in 30 miles I can have a cigarette”. “i’ll pull off after 12 hours/700 miles/next Day’s Inn/whatever the goal is”. “next exit with an ‘A’ in it I sleep at”. “nah, the next one.”. “i’ll keep going…”. Trying to notice how slow the miles are ticking away all of a sudden. I pulled off at Portage because, judging by the map, Lake Michigan is right next to my hotel. In the morning I’m going to check that out. Hopefully stay somewhere near Lincoln tomorrow.

miles: 766.00


town called Scroatville, at a truck stop over the loud speaker in the store “customer 46 your shower is ready.”, Burger King veggie burger! Major Lazer Pandora station to get me through the end.


shitty-ass AT&T service, having to actually pay for Subway because they wouldn’t take my Subway card I stole, highway coffee


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