Ready for the road…again

I guess since I’ve been living out of the same bags since January, packing wasn’t very hard. Trying to relish my last hours in Williamsburg. It’s a gorgeous late summer day and Brooklyn is beautiful. Don’t really have many feelings about leaving at this point. Trepidation won’t kick in until I drive away from Frost St. I’m sure once I’m through the traffic and bullshit that comes with driving in NYC the twang of nostalgia will kick in. Then Ray Lamontagne’s “New York City is Killing Me” will come on the shuffle, twisting the dagger of melancholy a little.  Then Drake will remind me of early summer excitement.  Ghostland Observatory will instantly take me back to walking up Spring St. in the LES this past May.  Maybe Major Lazer’s remix of “In 4 the Kill” will come on, it was so sick the first time we heard it after that episode of Entourage at 230 Frost!  But eventually I’ll hit the mountains and farm lands of Pennsly-tucky and throw on a mix cd Ed Lavender made me, put on cruise control and let the beauty of this country fill me up with wanderlust. New music, new adventure.  The next chapter starts Wednesday.

First I’ve got a couple days to wrap everything up and try to see a few of the people and places that make this city so special to me.

Lots more to come this week.


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